Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 6: What to read next?

How I envy those who pose this question.
I sit at my home desk (although not right now of course, I would never think of doing my blog at home) with a space just big enough for my legs between the books I haven't quite got round to reading yet. There's about 40 under there at the moment, probably about 20 in my wardrobe helping to ensure that there are more books than clothes in there. And then there is the list of books saved in My Library, online wish lists and various scraps of paper. So when someone asks me what to read I want to ask them to read one of mine for me. 
And while we're at it just because I read a lot and know what authors write like Catherine Cookson does not mean that you can assume that I read Catherine Cookson. And just because I'm a guy and young(ish) does not mean I like the same books as you're 20 year old son. Oh dear, I see that this post has turned into another rant. 
I agree that good reads is very US centered, but I usually use love reading for my UK book recommendations - it isn't as effeminate as it sounds or looks. 
EnCompassCulture is alright, it would be better if it had like-for-like recommendations but the browsing capability is pretty good.

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  1. My life story is one huge neverending TBR (to-be-read) list that I don't seem able to make a dent in. Some part of me feels like I should be ashamed of that fact but I think I like the idea that I'll never run out of books.

    You make some great points about the EnCompass website! I'm sitting here replying to this post wondering if maybe I've replied already and am having another dizzy moment. Which wouldn't be a first eep. I checked out your 'love reading' link and have already found titles of interest to request. Thanks for that!