Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 4: pigging out US style

A frank admission - I don't care for American cooks / recipes. Perhaps this makes me racist if so I don't care. There are of course a few exceptions, Anthony Bourdain deserves praise (although for his NY style honesty rather than any exceptional cooking ability) but any culture that describes McDonalds as a "restaurant" and feels the need to hang the euphemism "variety meats" on offal (BTW real food lovers cook tripe, brains and hearts) is deserving of my culinary scorn.
This site is nasty, proper cooking sites allow you to at least sort by dish, cuisine type, season, they don't just have a search box. I hope the submitters got clearance from the creators of the dishes before they decided to republish them (poor Donna Hay, how is she supposed to make any money if people get the recipes for free online (and at the lib)). 
So sorry T Dub, this site is a miss with me, if I want trashy cooking I'll stick with Rappers Delights.

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  1. Holy birthday cake, Batman - you've almost finished! Yeah I'm not a foodie. I eat but I detest cooking and nothing I ever make turns out like the pictures in the books. Ever. I enjoy watching the Food Channel on Sky TV and have a few fav chefs but have never been tempted to try to recreate anything other than Tyler Florence's 'Bourbon Peach Cobbler' which looked, smelled, tasted like it was meant to. Admtitedly, I drank most of the bourbon both before & after making it ;)