Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 3: in name if not reality

Another easy to use site. I subscribed to Manukau's blog (of course I did, you hammer and saws can't prove a thing) and this blog that occassionally mirrors life at the Library.
FMI's certainly preferable to having an account with a site where you have to log in to monitor your feeds. Dunno if I would "promote" it, I don't really have many people asking about feeds (unless you count people asking about where to buy miracle Himalayan berries).

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  1. FMI's nothing more than a gentle introduction to a sort-of-version of RSS for those who found the first round of RSS a pain in the proverbial. Ugh. After our council IT (god bless 'em) shut down Bloglines I moved to Google Reader but even that's a pain to hafta check sometimes. I now use the Byline app on my iPhone and I find that ok-ish.