Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 2: My life in pictures pt. 2

I chose the picture below because it's reflects my current mood well.
Picapp's very simple to use but unfortunately that doesn't mean that customers will find it easy to use. If the images are free to use then it would be good to use the images in the Lib instead of just using any old images and pretending that they are rights free.

22nd May 1937:  A secretary in a Skegness fun fair with a chimpanzee called Togo.  (Photo by J. Wilds/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Oh, I just remembered something. The search interface on Picapp is lousy, so nix to that I'll stick with Google images for now.

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  1. I have two niggles about PicApp (well, two is what I've limited myself to): they need more images but, more than that, they need tighter searching. It's awful! And, like you, I'm not prepared to give up Google Images until they do something about it. Ugh. Another site with a great selection of images (although not necessarily news-related) is Morgue File - although you do need to check the conditions under which each image can be used. But there's some great stuff there.

    As for your image - a monkey in charge LOL