Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog Wars: the making of

Done for another year.
It can be frustraing having to learn about things you consider yourself fairly proficient in, but I did learn one or two things. I recommended Zamzar to a customer so I suppose it has been worth it (although Zamzar didn't actually work for the customer, we had to find another way to modify the immigration document he had. If I go missing the Iranian immigration authorities might be the ones to ask).


  1. LOL well heck, isn't that just the way! Recommend it to a customer and it doesn't play ball. Ugh. Congratualtions for completing the tutorial (even if it was a walk in the park for you). Your very humorous comments have been much appreciated in Digital Services :)

  2. OYE!!! EYE am the stalker here, not you! Perhaps you are in awe of my natural superiority...? Victory will be mine!!! *Salutes from afar*