Thursday, August 19, 2010

The end is nigh

Wow this round was a cinch.
Despite some of my comments there were some worthwhile sites. is better than similar sites I had used before, and I'm sure I'll find a use for EnCompassCulture sometime despite it's unweildy name.
My biggest complaint with some of the sites is the way they only provide a single search box. Sure, most people will only ever conduct basic searches but there are some of us who demand more!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Week 6: What to read next?

How I envy those who pose this question.
I sit at my home desk (although not right now of course, I would never think of doing my blog at home) with a space just big enough for my legs between the books I haven't quite got round to reading yet. There's about 40 under there at the moment, probably about 20 in my wardrobe helping to ensure that there are more books than clothes in there. And then there is the list of books saved in My Library, online wish lists and various scraps of paper. So when someone asks me what to read I want to ask them to read one of mine for me. 
And while we're at it just because I read a lot and know what authors write like Catherine Cookson does not mean that you can assume that I read Catherine Cookson. And just because I'm a guy and young(ish) does not mean I like the same books as you're 20 year old son. Oh dear, I see that this post has turned into another rant. 
I agree that good reads is very US centered, but I usually use love reading for my UK book recommendations - it isn't as effeminate as it sounds or looks. 
EnCompassCulture is alright, it would be better if it had like-for-like recommendations but the browsing capability is pretty good.

Week 5: Slideshow night

Boy they sure do have a loose definition of humour over on SlideShare. 
Yeah the site's duck soup to use, but I don't quite see the point. Couldn't you just use Google docs again, or if you really want to educate some eightball couldn't you create a slideshow or vid for Youtube.
Anyway as I say it's easy enough to use as you'll see below.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Week 4: pigging out US style

A frank admission - I don't care for American cooks / recipes. Perhaps this makes me racist if so I don't care. There are of course a few exceptions, Anthony Bourdain deserves praise (although for his NY style honesty rather than any exceptional cooking ability) but any culture that describes McDonalds as a "restaurant" and feels the need to hang the euphemism "variety meats" on offal (BTW real food lovers cook tripe, brains and hearts) is deserving of my culinary scorn.
This site is nasty, proper cooking sites allow you to at least sort by dish, cuisine type, season, they don't just have a search box. I hope the submitters got clearance from the creators of the dishes before they decided to republish them (poor Donna Hay, how is she supposed to make any money if people get the recipes for free online (and at the lib)). 
So sorry T Dub, this site is a miss with me, if I want trashy cooking I'll stick with Rappers Delights.

Week 3: in name if not reality

Another easy to use site. I subscribed to Manukau's blog (of course I did, you hammer and saws can't prove a thing) and this blog that occassionally mirrors life at the Library.
FMI's certainly preferable to having an account with a site where you have to log in to monitor your feeds. Dunno if I would "promote" it, I don't really have many people asking about feeds (unless you count people asking about where to buy miracle Himalayan berries).

Week 2: My life in pictures pt. 2

I chose the picture below because it's reflects my current mood well.
Picapp's very simple to use but unfortunately that doesn't mean that customers will find it easy to use. If the images are free to use then it would be good to use the images in the Lib instead of just using any old images and pretending that they are rights free.

22nd May 1937:  A secretary in a Skegness fun fair with a chimpanzee called Togo.  (Photo by J. Wilds/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

Oh, I just remembered something. The search interface on Picapp is lousy, so nix to that I'll stick with Google images for now.

Week 1: here we go again

I hadn't used before but I had used Ripway to host pictures, until my account expired and resulted in the dusty look of my previous dump
Anyway it's easy enough to use, good for customers who forget to bring anything to save with. Although with no internet charges it might be easier to use email accounts or Google docs.
Once again I've found an interesting tale to share so here it is.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Blog Wars: the making of

Done for another year.
It can be frustraing having to learn about things you consider yourself fairly proficient in, but I did learn one or two things. I recommended Zamzar to a customer so I suppose it has been worth it (although Zamzar didn't actually work for the customer, we had to find another way to modify the immigration document he had. If I go missing the Iranian immigration authorities might be the ones to ask).

Blog Wars Part 6: Return to say bye

Facebook, I guess you could use it to disclose all sorts on personal information given their record regarding security settings. Libraries could use it to promote events etc. but then Twitter appears to be quicker and just as effective.
It was a bit disappointing to see everyone use their own profiles to complete the Facebook challenge, it removed some of the mystique. And is it just me or is someone having a laugh with the security verification codes. Some of them were rather suggestive.

Blog Wars Part 5: I tire and wisecrack

Hey it's NZ music month why not have some local bands.
Arch Hill has a free 10th anniversary album download with all sorts of great bands on it. Under the radar have a whole page of free downloads. And it's the same story at Sellmates.
Plenty of other bands have free downloads on their facebook pages or make mp3's available through radio stations.
Of course you probably won't find any free downloads from bands signed to those greedy, money hungry mainstream labels. But then all the best music is independant.
Could customers use these sites unsupervised? Sure some could but the ones who struggle to use a mouse might find it a bit challenging.